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It’s a pleasure seeing the drive and enthusiasm nurtured in recent times to go independent and create your own venture. Motivated and entousiastic you launch your business, network, satisfy first clients and slowly build up a reputation.

Busy with all the hurdles that day to day life offers the business was on the limit between break even and profitability. Dealing with this situation for longer time lead to frustration and long working hours where the owners tried to compensate lack of customer interest by serving more opening hours, doing extra work and offering compelling customer service.

In our example word to mouth simply is not enough and attracting new customers through promotion of business by most traditional methods didn't change it. We are talking a small beauty salon in business for few years and aware of this problem called us for assistance. Some talk later we agreed onsite meeting and viable options to make their business more prominent.   

Their clients: Female expats and locals aged 30-60. Main beauty assets were special expensive laser machinery to make your skin nice, smooth and beautiful.

First consulting analyse suggested they did all right: Nice cozy salon , good quality beauty tools, great smile and insightful beauty service. They had a website running and an existing returning client portfolio.

But the business didnt grow. It's bookings stagnated and client database didnt grow as planned.

To take some suspense out : The business is inactive today due to internal politics and operations management. BUT they did something great  to turn around the ship back in the days.


Their strong suit was location linked to easy access and parking facilities, great machinery, friendly service and a nice multiroom saloon.

They missed on word to mouth and adhoc clients to fill up the vacant timeslots at hand.

After the first meeting we agreed on a communication strategy by luxmap focused on Google Maps. Skeptic they asked why would they do that ?

Google Maps generates since its creation back in 2005, millions of  views in direction service and contextual search. How often does someone look for something in driving distance. Having a strong expat community living around, tremendous amount of female employees commuting daily in that area it’s a matter of passing over this information  quickly and efficiently.

Online marketing was a mess.. the website was halfway finished and lets be honest when you use a prefilled template from the internet make sure to change at least all content to reflect your business and not a flower shop’s content … Their business was not even existing on google maps and onsite there was no obvious sign that in the backyard is a battery of service stores.
First thing : Getting NAP & Website out

Have all your information rightful out is mandatory not only since the internet days.  Luxmap managed to retrieve, host and update the website which was hijacked by their web-developer. We even updated appealingly their services and offerings.

Pop Out & shine

Next step was getting word out and setting the business in its rightful position on Google Maps. Some magic tricks of ours later their business offerings appeared in all searches for beauty, centre de beauté and skin care in her area of activity.

No service without the famous “extra” mile. We contacted some friends and arranged some fresh signs to show existing visitors the right way to the store from street parking till backyard.

It is by no regret we are proud to having setup a nice strategy which after 2 month of service proved effective. How we measured this : View counts / Website visitors before-during-/after our campaigns / Client feedback on prospects in store and mostly calls from the app and direction requests in google maps…tracking whom drives there for a visit J


Sidenote why the business is not operational anymore

Few months after our campaigns and services were running the landlord cancelled the lease contract for the premise. They managed and resettled in Esch/Alzette but neglected to inform us. Esch has a different client audience, needs in service and mostly requires an adapted marketing strategy considering the predominant french language in price sensitivity.  





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