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Blog#006 - The end of Google+

Google+ lost war vs  Facebook

G+ had its use

Business is tough. Marketshares are limited and competition is all about getting the biggest share in the market. Facebook is a strong horse reaching billions of people. Social networking and communication is key nowadays to pass messages inbetween social groups and people in general. 
Google had 2 needs: Grow a local network and merge all services into one central hub or dashboard.

Facebook got that first one away and it seems in general there is only place for ONE generic social network. People don't want to enter data multiple times and keep track of all and publish all the time. Millenials and youngers might be more familiar with these concepts but also their time is limited and noone really wants to spend too much time updating. This one google could not take away for multiple reasons but mainly, and lets face it, the UI was simply not & fresh yes... but not practical.

Mostly a second social network for business reasons is maintained. Also here G+ was not about that specifically and Linkedin & co took that part away.

Leaves Google with one thing left and this might end up being their big opportunity... Become the generic Dashboard.

A lot of products are spinned around the Google signup procedure. Keeping track of and sharing all around easily are key features one might look at. 

G+ will stay for enterprise users whom need a performing pro solution to manage all the others...
Let's see if Google can make it... I believe they can


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